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Restaurants Struggle To Get New Customers In,
And Often Waste Money On Advertising…

And That Is Where You Come In...

Facebook Check Ins Are The Best Way To Generate Word-Of-Mouth Referrals…

Which Means A Load Of New Business For The Restaurant

Don’t Believe Me? Take a look at this!

A Single Check In Is Typically Seen By At Least 100+ Friends!

And When Your Friends Check-in to a Restaurant, This Is What You See In YOUR Newsfeed!

Not only does it show where your friend is, but also their recommendation along with all of the others that recommend the location as well.

Today, you're going to discover a sneaky way that practically ‘forces’ every restaurant visitor to check in on Facebook, allowing you to pocket $147-$297 paydays while you are at it!

You see... most restaurants know that word of mouth is the best form of advertising, but have no clue whatsoever how to get it.

I’m about to reveal this ultra-simple way of getting practically everyone who visits a restaurant to check in via Facebook

Generating HUGE amounts of viral referral traffic…

The type of traffic that brings in a constant stream of new, paying customers through their doors.

Which means restaurant owners will happily pay you $147-$297 every single month…

All you need to do to get them hooked is:

Just Copy-Paste This One Email Message To Book $147-$297/Month Recurring Payments From Grateful Restaurants:

Here Is The Best Part:

  • No previous experience
  • No hard sell
  • No tech skills or confusing software
  • No FB ad spend
  • No cold calling
  • No face-to-face meetings


In 2016, Facebook got a lot of heat for changing their FB Feed algorithm.

The Feed was no longer chronological, but instead, Facebook would choose what they felt was most important, which meant lots of advertising, ‘featured’ posts, and even ‘fake news’…

People hated it!

To counteract this, in early 2018, Facebook changed the algorithm to give priority to content from friends and family members.

Here’s The Truth: ‘Word Of Mouth’ Advertising Beats Paid Advertising Hands Down…


92% of consumers believe recommendations from friends and family over all forms of advertising (Source: Nielsen)

Simply put, people don’t trust adverts!

A flashy advert or featured post may promote some interest, but most people will think ‘of course they’ll say their own food is the best in town!’ But…

When they see a friend has checked in
to the same restaurant, it carries far more weight
as they TRUST their friend's judgement.

In fact, many people will engage directly with their friend on Facebook when they see a check in, by liking the post or commenting on it.

“People don't like to be sold, but they love to buy.”

- Jeffrey Gitomer

This kind of word of “word of the mouth” traffic
is like gold dust to restaurants…

And yet, only a handful of restaurants have anything in place to guarantee check-ins from all their customers.

The vast majority just hope their customers take the initiative… Which is where you come in…

What if you could offer restaurants an almost 100% check-in success rate that can double or even triple their revenue?

With Just 3 Simple Steps:

I’ve been offering this service to restaurants now for 11 months.

Every single restaurant that I worked with saw an INSTANT boost in their Facebook engagement with customers, and...

Practically all restaurants saw higher footfall, more table reservations, and bigger profits within a week!

Here’s Just A Few Emails I Received From Extremely Happy Restaurant Owners:

Proof: How I Made
$2401 In Just One Week With FB Check-Ins

Just a few weeks back, I went onto Facebook and made a list of restaurants within a 20 mile radius from my home… there were 43 in total.

I sent them all an identical copy/paste email offering to set up this Facebook Check-in service for $197 per month.

16 of these restaurant owners replied to my email stating they were interested in this service, and wanted to know how I could possibly ‘force’ their customers to check in, every single time they visited.

After sending a simple copy paste follow up email to these 16 restaurateurs, 10 set up a recurring payments, which meant I had banked $2401 in just one week.

And remember, these are recurring payments. After initial set up, so long as I keep servicing these check-ins (takes just a few minutes a week per client), I will carry on receiving $147-$297 per client, month in, month out.

Proof: How I Generated $1997 Payment Last Week
By Offering An Annual Discount On FB Check-Ins

Last week, I offered 3 of my current restaurant clients the chance to ‘lock in’ their FB check in service for a whole year, with a ‘‘12 months for the price of 10’ deal.

One of them jumped at the chance to save money, resulting in a big $1997 lump payment landing in my PayPal Account!

All You Have To Do Is:

If you want to start generating autopilot income, from the comfort of your own home, then this is, without doubt, the easiest and fastest route…

If you get just ONE client on the '12 month for 10' deal, you would generate an upfront income of $1470-2970 within the week!

Imagine having Christmas all paid for, and no scary credit card bill in January to worry about!

Now Is The Perfect Time
To Cash In On Facebook Checkin

As we move into 2019, Facebook will put even more emphasis on friends and family... Because they received a lot of flak last year over clickbait, data misuse, fake news and spam…

They even spent millions creating a TV advert promising to go back to “what made Facebook good in the first place.”

Facebook will continue to prioritize content from friends over everything else.

Restaurants that jump on this trend now will see an immediate difference to their business and profits.

But, hardly any restaurants know how to maximize their check-ins… And practically no social media agencies are offering this service.

Restaurant owners will happily retain your services for $147-$297 a month, because the viral traffic from your check-in service will be making them several thousand a month in extra profits.

Literally, all it takes to get them hooked is a simple copy-paste email:

There are over 1 million restaurants in just the USA, and yet less than 6% are actively seeking Facebook check-ins from their customers…

In other words, there are far more restaurant owners that desperately need this service, than there are consultants servicing this need.

Which is why I’ve created this amazing done-for-you system I like to call:

CheckIn SociMasters is a complete done-for-you solution that generates $147-297 recurring payments from local restaurant owners for handling and automating their customer check-ins on Facebook,  WITHOUT having to talk face-to-face with the owner

Here’s what you’ll be getting in this ‘newbie to social media master’ system: You’ll get 23 over-the-shoulder videos that break down this entire process into easy-to-digest chunks.

My video training is one of the most highly reviewed courses I’ve ever created, by people just like you:

So Simple To Follow!

I am a stay at home mom and I was looking for a program that could get me some extra monthly income. I do have a few clients right now as one of the students in another one of the ladies courses. This program is a great compliment to what I am doing now and it is so simple. The best part is I have my virtual assistant do almost all of the work for me! The modules are easy to follow and they give you all the tools and resources you need. Thanks!

Tina S.

Work at home Mom!

20% increase in their business!

This check in program is working wonders for my clients business. Every single day on Facebook people are checking in to the restaurant and more and more people are coming in! The owner has said that our Facebook efforts have contributed to at least a 20% increase in their business! I'm a superhero!

Sam W.

Local Superhero!

Additional $1,200 in services! 

I watched the course and got my first client that same day! I was so excited after watching the course I picked a restaurant to have dinner at, spoke to the waiter who introduced me to the owner and they are onboard! Not only were they exited for the check in program, but they asked me what other services I could provide for them! I wrote them a proposal for an additional $1,200 in services! Thanks ladies ~ Andrew Reid

Andrew Reid

Local Service Provider!

$900 in my first week!

Social Media for local businesses is so exciting! With the help of these ladies I used it for my own business and now Lorette's been working side by side with me and I've earned $900 in my first week from a single client and she has the proof! I'm ready to get more clients and make more $$

Michael J.

Local Business Service Provider

CheckIn SociMasters video course breaks down every step into bite-size chunks so you can follow along, and just copy and paste your way to a lucrative Facebook marketing agency.

And, you’ll also get a companion PDF to the video series,
to refresh your memory at-a-glance.

CheckIn SociMasters Video + PDF Course

How Facebook check-ins work in the restaurant world

These golden nuggets are what restaurateurs don’t know, and why they’ll love you for having ‘covert knowledge’

How to target restaurants that are in desperate need of this service

I want you looking at your first $147-$297 payment sat in your PayPal account ASAP. So I’ll show you how to find restaurants in dire need of Facebook check-ins, and are willing to pay hundreds of dollars, month in month out, for you to handle it all for them

How to get clients without leaving the comfort of your home

I’ll share with you a simple email message that I send out to all potential clients, either via normal email or Facebook Messenger. This has a huge response rate every single time I use it. Just copy, paste and hit ‘send.’

How to get clients to sign up immediately without hesitation

I’ll share with you my ‘proven to convert’ follow-up emails that take a potential client from ‘interested’ to ‘must have now’…all via emails and NO face-to-face/telephone contact

How to overcome any objection

I’ve been doing this since 2012, and I instinctively know the main objections restaurant owners have. So I’ll share with you my ‘objection override’ emails, just copy and paste these responses back, and expect even more $147-$297 checks hitting your PayPal account.

How to optimize a restaurant’s Facebook page for check-ins

You’ll get a full video walkthrough of how to set everything up. Honestly, this is so easy, even a 10 year old can follow along and implement.

How to easily create promotional check-in material for restaurants to display on their premises

I’ll hand you my fully editable template, as well as step-by-step tutorials, that show you how to edit this template to suit any restaurant using Canva (a free software) – these are so easy to reproduce, but your clients will think you’re a social media magician!

How to do ‘reporting’ to show your clients the impact of your service

Dramatically increased check-ins will have a very obvious impact on revenue. However, I want to make sure every single one of your clients think you walk on water! So, I’ll share with you my secret scripts that show you exactly what to emphasize and highlight, so they are seriously impressed, and would never think of letting you go.

How to run your new FB marketing business part-time

When I started out, there was no way I could just give up my 9-5… I had bills to pay! I’ll show you how to start this business as a ‘side hustle’ with zero budget and zero experience. In fact, this whole venture can be a secret between you and me, until you get your first huge paycheck!

Bonus Module

How To Run Viral Facebook Contests

The main course will show you everything you need to motivate a restaurant’s customers into checking in via Facebook, by using ethical bribes, such as discounted meals, free food / drink items, or surprise gifts.

But one thing everybody loves are contests! There’s just something about us humans that makes us very competitive, and I’ve found the perfect way of using this competitiveness to dramatically boost check-ins.

This bonus module will show you how to easily create daily/weekly/monthly check-in contests that will motivate people to check in to win a prize. Some examples are:

Funniest photo

Scariest Halloween costume

Best ‘food porn’ photo (most artistically shot meal)

Most loyal customer with the highest number of check-ins

….and so much more!

Trust me, your clients will love you for the serious spikes of viral traffic they’ll get every time you a run a contest for them, and they’ll think you’re a genius for boosting their profits.

And of course, you’ll get step by step video instructions – you’ll be floored with how easy it is to set up these contests in as little as 10 minutes (just don’t tell your clients!)

Bonus Module

Complete FB Check In Outsourcing Plan

Servicing each of your restaurant clients takes just a few minutes per day when you have all of our templates and step-by-step instructions to hand. Even if you had over 10 clients, you’re looking at just one hour's work per day.

However, there will be some of you who are hungry to hit 6 figures in the shortest time possible.

The best way to do this is to outsource out the actual check in work, so you could concentrate on just getting the word out to as many restaurants as possible…

Currently, I have 52 restaurants who pay me $147-297 per month for my FB check in service...

Do I actually service all these clients myself? Heck, NO!

Today, I’ll show you how I outsource out the entire service for around $40-$50 per client…

Think about this... Imagine charging a restaurant owner $197 a month for the FB check in service…

And then having a competent outsourcer do all the ‘grunt work’ for you, charging you just $40-50… You’ve just made at least $147 for literally no work. Leaving you free to scale up to as many clients as you want!

I bet you’re feeling mega excited now!

Fast Action Bonus

CheckIn Mastermind Group

Many people will buy Check-in SociMasters, but will never take any real action. Why?

Because they don’t have anyone to ask questions, they don’t have anyone to bounce around ideas, or get a second opinion, and they don’t have anyone motivating them and cheering them on to action.

I know how you feel, because I’ve been there too! That’s why I set up ‘CheckIn Mastermind Group,’ an invite-only Facebook group, where you can ask questions when you get stuck, and you will get answers to your questions.

Join our community and never feel alone again. You’ll meet many people who were once newbies, just like you, but who are now making 6 figure incomes from the comfort of their homes.

Share your ideas and concepts, ask for advice, ask us what we would do in a situation… we can show you the tactics, techniques and strategies to help you explode your Facebook marketing business!

Here’s just what a few of my previous students have to say about my amazing Checkin SociMasters package:

Give Me 20 Minutes A Day, For 14 Days,
And I Will Guarantee You Your First
$147-$297/Month Client!

Just spend 20 minutes a day, for the next 14 days, finding local restaurants and sending them my copy paste proven prospecting email…

Check-in SociMasters is THE easiest route to a long-term, passive monthly income you’re ever going to find…

However, here’s the brutal truth: I can’t physically stand over you and force you to send emails.

Which is why it would be unethical of me to guarantee you’ll make money with CheckIn SociMaster (or indeed with any system). Because you can go through my video tutorials, again and again, and read the PDF guides until your eyes are sore…

You still won’t earn a cent if you don’t actually put it into action (so if you’re a typical shiny object hunter…I bid you farewell now).

So Let Me Make You A ‘Cannot Lose’ Deal:

Go through my simple course, and then send just 3 emails a day to local restaurants for the next 14 days…

Remember, you’re not even writing the email from scratch, you’re simply copying and pasting my proven email and hitting send…

If you don’t land at least 1 client who will pay you $147-$297/month to organize their Facebook check-ins… Or you’re simply not happy with your results…

Just send me a quick email and you'll get a fast and courteous, full refund. No strings attached. No hard feelings. No risk whatsoever.

You either get results with my CheckIn SociMasters system,
or you get your money back.

Take it for a risk free 14 day trial and PROVE to yourself that you can generate a job-replacing income, right from the comfort of your own home…

Trust me, getting one $147-$297/month is a HUGE underestimate of how many clients you’re likely to have within 14 days… (my normal ‘hit rate’ for my proven prospecting email is 10%, which means you could have at least 4 clients within 14 days, generating you $588 -$1188 every single month)

But if it hasn’t worked for you, simply email me with proof and I will provide you with a full, no questions asked refund.

As you can see, you have absolutely nothing to lose. The risk is all on me. Which means whatever price I charge for this is irrelevant.

Because if it doesn’t get you the results you want, you don’t pay!

Alicia, I’m In! But How Much Will This Cost?

Inside CheckIn SociMasters, you have a complete recurring business model solution that hands you everything you need to generate $147-$297 per month per restaurant owner.

Let me ask you a question.

How Much Would It Be Worth It To You To:

  • Generate an easy $147-$297 per client every single month, by doing enjoyable ‘work’ that takes just minutes per day
  • Get personal satisfaction as grateful restaurant owners praise you for turning their business around
  • Be the envy of your boss and work colleagues when you quit your monotonous, soul-destroying 9-5
  • See your partner’s eyes full of love, admiration and respect as you can now provide them and your family real financial security
  • Go on vacation, with the freedom, time and money to do whatever you want
  • Spend time with the people that matter – work to live, rather than live to work
  • Have the confidence to walk into a room full of people as a successful entrepreneur

Honestly, how much? If you knew, with 100% certainty, that you would experience
all of these amazing benefits, how much would you pay?

Hundreds… Thousands… More?

My private students paid me $497 to access this proven system, and every single one made their investment back within 14 days by booking their first client…

They’ve all gone on to make 6 figure annual incomes… all by just following my simple system, and booking one long-term client after another.

By now, you can appreciate real value for money
inside CheckIn SociMasters:

Total Value = $688

But Today, You’re Not Going To
Pay Anywhere Near That…

You can access Checkin SociMasters for just:

Get Instant Access to CheckIn SociMasters

And remember,

You Have My 14 Day Cast Iron Money-Back Guarantee…

Take CheckIn SociMasters for a test drive for 14 days and, if you decide it’s not for you… If you don’t book just one client at $147-$297 per month recurring… Just send me a quick email, and I’ll refund you in full. Sound fair?

Because I want to reward quick action-takers, I’ve priced this course low, but it’s rising with every single sale…

The longer you wait, the more you need to pay to get in, and the longer it will be before you land your first $147-$297/month client...

So What Are You Waiting For?

Here’s what I want you to do: Click on the ‘Buy’ button now, check-out, and join me
inside CheckIn SociMasters, where I’m waiting to transform your life (and bank account!)

Get Instant Access to CheckIn SociMasters

To your new future,

P.S. Imagine getting out of bed tomorrow, logging into your PayPal account, and seeing enough money in there to pay for your Christmas in advance.

That’s what happens when you follow my CheckIn SociMasters system and send my proven copy-paste prospecting email…

There will be no putting Christmas Expenses on the credit card this year, only to get a horrible credit statement in January.

By the end of this year, you could have at least one $147-$297/month recurring client, and you’re likely to have many more, all paying you $147-$297, month in month out.

Just follow my simple CheckIn SociMasters system, get those emails sent, and wait for the payments to arrive in your PayPal account:

Get Instant Access to CheckIn SociMasters

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a website? I don’t have any tech skills!

Honestly, you don’t need any tech skills or even a website. All you need is access to the internet, an email address (free Gmail or Hotmail will do) and access to Facebook.

If you can send email messages, and follow simple video instructions showing you around Facebook, then you can replicate my success. I have students in their late 60s who didn’t even have computers until they hit 40, and they’re having amazing success with this business model.

Will I really see long-term recurring payments? What’s to stop a restaurant stealing the check-in idea and doing it themselves?

If a restaurant really wants to do it themselves, they can. But here’s the truth. Restaurant owners are among the hardest working people alive. They have to work ridiculously long hours, many of them unsociable.

They simply don’t have the time to run Facebook campaigns! They’re just happy they have someone doing all of it for them, so they can concentrate on their business.

And once they see an uplift in bookings and profits, there’s no way they’re going to bite the hand that feeds them.

I hate prospecting and cold calling – do you promise me there’s no knocking on people’s doors, or telesales involved?

I 100% promise you, there is no cold calling or face-to-face meetings involved. Everything can be done via email or by Facebook messenger. Just copy and paste my proven emails, find restaurants that desperately need your new check-in service (I’ll show you how) and hit send.

Remember, I give you full follow-up emails too, including emails that overcome specific objections. There is no need to get on the phone, or visit a client, unless of course you want to (and perhaps get free meals and drinks from grateful clients ;-))

What upfront costs are there to getting started?

Literally zero - that’s why my business model is so newbie friendly! I’m sure you’ve heard of other business models that promise no upfront costs. But once inside the course, you realize you need a website, hosting, autoresponder service, landing page software, funnel creation software etc etc.

My business model is one of the very few online businesses that genuinely requires nothing extra! OK, you do need an internet connection. But if you’re reading this page, then you already have an internet connection, right?

And you also have an email account, yes? And you’re on Facebook? Boom! You’re ready to do business!

Isn’t selling to local restaurants a little scary?

Look, fear happens when you a) don’t have a plan, and b) don’t have a great service. Restaurants NEED more customers. Restaurants are one of the most difficult businesses to keep afloat. Once of the first things people do, when trying to save money, or weather a recession, is stop going out for meals. It’s why 1 out of 2 restaurants will fail within the first year of opening!

Your new Facebook check-in service is a Godsend to restaurants in your area, and now you’ll have, at your fingertips, the exact step-by-step plan to deliver this amazing service to them. If anything, restaurant owners should be scared that you’ll go and help their competitors and not them!

Will this work outside of the USA?

Yes! It doesn’t matter where you live, if there are restaurants, they will need customers. It’s that simple. All you have to do is set up a PayPal account, or a business bank account, and you’re ready to start accepting recurring monthly payments from clients.

Get Instant Access to CheckIn SociMasters

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